Бланк заявки на услуги Trans Ferry

    Trans Ferry Services Application Form

    Legal Representative Data

    The undersigned legal representative declares to have carefully read and accepted the general terms of delivery services showed on www.transferry.com and printed on each page of this document and acknowledges that it has signed its simple value of the request and does not bind to any provision Trans Ferry S.p.A. The supply of services is referred to sole and exclusive evaluation of Trans Ferry S.p.A., which reserves the right not to accept the application without stating reasons.

    I declare to have carefully and totally read, understood and accepted the general terms of delivery services.

    I specifically state to approve the following clauses:
    Art. 6 Tariffs; Art. 7 Invoicing system; Art. 8 Payment conditions; Art. 9 Payments and arrears; Art. 11 Responsibilities; Art. 13 Power to modify contractual conditions based on prejudicial information; Art. 14 Constitution of the rapport and obligation of confidentiality; Art. 15 Applicable laws and competent Court.

    I declare to have carefully and totally read and understood privacy policy on the processing and protection of personal data.

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